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Born 1979 in Syros, Greece.

Lives & works in Vienna, Austria.

I grew up in a small island on the Aegean Sea, where comics seldom arrived. And even if they did, my parents refused to buy me comic books, because they thought that comics are not good for kids. So I kept on reading classic literature and borrowing comics secretly from other kids …or even tried to stole them once!

I may be an almost outlaw and autodidact in comics but I studied Photography and History of Art, which both help me to open my visual perception. My passion for learning foreign languages supports perfectly my love for the 9th Art. I read comics in Greek, German, English, Italian, French and Spanish. Indeed Francophone BDs, Italian fumetti, Spanish and Hispanic historietas and tebeos alongside with and North American and European comix and graphic novels influenced me the most.


I have worked for years as an editorial cartoonist in a newspaper and I took part in several fanzines and other publications with short stories. In my work I always enjoyed playing with different visual and textual narrative forms,  exploring the limits of the medium, working with various techniques and styles and of course I liked drawing them. Analog or digital drawing, the visual part was always the best part for me!

The last two years I am working on a bigger and very demanding comic book project. I hope to finish it soon and see it flying higher.




instagram: locatinta.comics




Studies in Photography, ESP, Athens.


Daily Editorial Cartoonist for the Newspaper: Koine Gnome, Syros.


Founding Member of the Comics Fanzine: BigBang!

(Best Greek Comics Fanzine 2005 & 2006, Comicdom Awards, Athens)


Self-publishing of the Comic Book Manies, Athens.


First Award of 9 Magazine in the category Young Comics Artists for the Short story: Roi Matte (story: Freiderikos Roussos) and Group Exhibitions in Athens & Angoulême.


Nomination for the Best Greek Short Story (Roi Matte), Comicdom Awards, Athens.


Studies in History of Art, University of Vienna

(and partly Comparative Theology, Turkology & Byzantine Studies).


Blogging and Publishing the Solo Comic Fanzine: Bikini Comics, Vienna.


Member of ÖeGeC (Austrian Society for Comics Research and Education), Vienna.


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